January 1, 2021

Miftaah Tour & Travel

When I initially started freelancing, one of my first clients was a friend of mine. When we first met on December 9, 2014, she was extremely puzzled about the website for her tour and travel firm, which was called Miftaah Groups. Since then, she has become much better. Her difficulty was, of course, remedied by me, and for me, it marked the beginning of my career in the most significant way possible.

After experiencing such a roller coaster of highs and lows, she has decided to close her travel agency. Therefore, only a few days later, she circled back around and got in touch with me. Hey, Rubait! I need a logo for the travel company that my partner and I want to restart soon. It has been close to eight years since she last contacted me, and now she wants me to create a logo and a website as well.

This phenomenon is known as “client contentment,” and a satisfied customer will never let you down. It is important to provide every customer with excellent work, since this contributes to client happiness.



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    Miftaah Tour & Travel

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