How it started…😊 How It’s going…👨‍💻

Before sharing with you all, RUBAIT (2012) and THE RUBAIT (2020), I will write few lines first;

“We can never achieve our goals without leaving our warm and comfort zone’s but being comfortable with our mistakes and struggles. Embracing all our flaws is the most romantic part of our lives.”

Okay, let’s start!

2012- I used to feel utterly lost, stuck, confused, and anxious about my life and my career , and then I figured out what I wanted and initiated my career in Freelancing. The year, when I started my Freelancing journey. I was just a beginner in designing or I would say I used to my days and nights learning and designing things on Photoshop. I won’t say, I never thought of coming so long and so successful but with this success came hardships and so many ups and downs. I used to work on my mini computer for hours and hours without caring about timing and all. It won’t always be sunshine and rainbows. Feeling the struggle of learning and growing into the best version if you is a struggle with experience (kind of pain you feel in your muscles when you’ve been exercising for too long).

It was actually a mixed feeling at that time- expectations, comparison, self-criticism, judgement, retreat, umm yeah! like that!

2020- Today, I’m that guy whose image I used to portray in my mind long back when I started my journey as a Freelancer. Yes, I still believe in struggles, ups and downs, depression, comparison but today I’ve accepted the fact that these things are the part and parcel of life. I’m an experienced guy today who faced alot all alone, and I’m proud of myself. Yes, a totally new perspective and mixed feelings- feeling lighter, listening to myself, self-care, owning it (rather then comparing), adaptability, and having fun.

I’m at a point right now where I’ve felt a shift, like I’ve just come out of a big transitional phase of my life. I’m glad it came out this way because I’ve learned so many invaluable lessons that wouldn’t have come up if everything just happened the way I hoped it would.

Lastly, I’m so grateful for the challenges and struggles that I’ve experienced so far, they’ve taught me ALOT! And I feel stronger and wiser for it.

Thanks to Almighty for everything in my life!

Love, The Rubaitul Azad

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